services | portfolio | references | vita | contact | legals is the workplace, biotope and design base of Karen Reichel. I am an experienced art and creative director who focuses on brand communications and design.

Clients and agencies that share my passion for intelligent ideas and high quality design are always welcome to
> contact me.

• Design consulting and brand strategy
• Intermedia concept development (on- and offline, classic and ambient etc.)

• Art and creative direction, graphic design and typography (as well as, on a smaller scale, photography, illustration and copywriting)

Since 2001 I am teaching at the University of Applied Sciences HTWM in Saxony. I also hold workshops at the Berlin University of the Arts.

In the Beginning Was the Word
The power of briefings

Keep it Simple and Stunning

Rules for intelligent design

Look at me!
The economy of attention

Culture Jamming
History and present of creative resistance

Blue and Green…
Cultural grammar of colors

Balance, Contrast & Invisible Lines
Design basics

New Innovations
of Free Gifts
Visual figures of speech

Type Couture
Type & fashion in the 20th century

Signs of Life
The basics of semiotics

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